How to Earn Maximum Profit On Your Crypto

Using lending vaults and staking to make passive income on crypto and fiat

Nexus Markets
2 min readAug 27, 2021


The Nexus Vaults are designated borrowing and lending pools across a wide variety of CeFi and DeFi protocols that provide clients the potential to earn up to 11% on their crypto holdings, all on one platform. The Nexus Vaults currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC & DAI with additional DeFi protocols and Stablecoin lending pools launching soon. Below is a breakdown of how to yield-farm within the Vaults.

Best Practices for Passive Earning

One of the best ways to earn on your sitting crypto is by yield farming. Yield farming, which is frequently referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards in the form of tokenized assets with your cryptocurrency holdings. In simpler terms, it means locking up your cryptocurrencies and getting rewards for having them in a certain lending pool.

How to yield-farm within the vaults

1. Create an account with Nexus

Once you finish the set-up process within the Nexus platform, you will then be able to navigate to the Vaults tab.

2. Choose which Vaults you would like to participate in

We are currently offering up to 11% across our vaults, allowing you to earn a high yield on various assets. Not shown: you may also earn on BTC and ETH.

3. Make your initial deposit

Once you deposit your assets into your chosen Vault, you will start earning the designated APY for that same Vault.

4. Earn, earn, earn!

There are no lockup periods on your funds so that you may withdrawal whenever you would like. Continue to yield-farm across the Nexus Vaults as we expand our offerings in the near future.

How do the CeFi Vaults operate?

Assets in the CeFi Vault are lent to trusted partners. Our partners are vetted through a risk management framework that reviews the collateralization management process,’ cash flow, balance sheet, and financial statements. An automated risk management system monitors positions 24/7 and can terminate a borrow in a timely fashion. Our treasury system manages reserve balances to facilitate client withdrawals from Vaults. This added security ensures that your funds are going to well-vetted individuals.

Have more questions? Visit our website or read the FAQs about the Nexus Vaults. Ready to start earning? Sign up for a free account and get started today.



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