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Nexus Markets
2 min readAug 13, 2021


Trade Without Boundaries with Nexus

Nexus is an exchange designed to act as a hub, providing liquidity to professional traders, exchanges, and crypto institutions. With over 5 years in the crypto space, Nexus has created a global network that aggregates all of the best pricing on cryptocurrencies and fiat alike into a single central limit order book. Build a global bridge between your customers and other Nexus partners with seamless integration into your current business.

Nexus Offers Deep Liquidity

  • Deep and extensive order book reaching across multiple markets
  • Customize portfolios with unique fiat and cryptocurrency pairings
  • Global consolidation of network liquidity for extensive market-making liquidity
  • Access to major crypto exchanges, non-exchange market makers, and custom exchanges on Nexus

Key Features of Nexus Liquidity Solutions

  • Professional GUI and user experience
  • Strategic limit and stop order types
  • On-ramps across exotic fiat, crypto, and unique stablecoins
  • Continuous client support

One Account, Global Access

  • Nexus eliminates the need for multiple accounts and API integrations for a seamless trading experience
  • Nexus is the single aggregator across a vast network of exchanges and markets providing unique and competitive prices

Why Work with Nexus?

  • Quick and easy KYC and TOS
  • REST, FIX, and WebSocket API integrations
  • Instant access to price feed

For more information on Nexus Markets, visit our website or social channels. Ready to start trading? Sign up for a free account and get started today.



Nexus Markets

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